Some of you may know, from the 2011 Campaign, that I advocated encouraging City Manager Salerno, who , in his years as City Manager in Sunrise, brought many new businesses, and many new jobs, to Sunrise, to do the same in Coral Gables.

          I lost that election, but City Manager Salerno, freed up by the retirement of the Mayor and a past Commissioner, did move forward to accomplish what I sought. He refinanced the City’s debt, freeing up $22 million dollars with which to repair the infrastructure of the City’s streets, sidewalks, buildings, and monuments. This infrastructure work has brought lots of jobs to Coral Gables, and brings great credit to Coral Gables for bucking conventional wisdom and creating jobs during The Great Recession. These repairs are ongoing, and if you need work, go to these repair crews you see in the streets of Coral Gables and APPLY!