About Rip Holmes 

(Jackson) Rip Holmes was born and raised in Coral Gables.

He graduated from the University of Florida Law School.

He owns property on Miracle Mile.  His grandfather, "Rip" VanDevere, knew Coral Gables' Founder, George Merrick, who helped him select Miracle Mile property to buy in 1930, making the Holmes' Family apparently the oldest property owning family on Miracle Mile.

Rip is a commercial Realtor.

Rip’s wife is Gavi, originally from Peru, and their daughter, born here, is Angie, 14, a student at Gables High.  They have a dog, Ginger.  They love to feed the ducks on the lakes in West Dade, and visit the Everglades.

Rip habla fluido el Espanol.  Se habla Espanol en la casa. 

Rip, de religion Judio y Mormon, cree que Dios ha creado, con los Cubanos-Americanos, "La Internacionalizacion de Miami ... El MILAGRO Cubano y Latino".